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Oxygen therapy for your condition?


Our Centre exists to help people to feel less pain and more energised. We even help some people to tackle brain fog!

Herts MS Therapy Centre provides Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (Oxygen Therapy for short). We offer Oxygen Therapy to people with any condition, not just MS.

Anyone with any long term or neurological condition is welcome to try Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. (We check your suitability prior to your first session.) It’s safe, drug-free and, for many people, very effective.

We are delighted to work with home services provider Utility Warehouse. UW offers you a unique way to save money and raise money to help others via our Centre. Find out more.

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Fighting fatigue and pain

Oxygen Therapy delivers higher levels of oxygen into your bloodstream, compared with our natural air. This often results in less pain, more energy and less brain fog, helping a wide range of conditions. These are the three conditions that we often support at our Centre.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is often used by people living with cancer as a part of their management of their condition. We are experts in providing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and we are happy to signpost people to experts on cancer and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.


Treatment of Fibromyalgia involves managing the symptoms you have; mostly focussing on managing pain and reducing fatigue. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is one of the treatments available. A staggering 85% of people with Fibromyalgia find Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy significantly reduces their pain.

Multiple Sclerosis

MS had a wide variety of symptoms (such as problems with fatigue, vision, coordination, balance or sensation) and is different for everyone. Many people with MS find that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) helps them to feel more energised and more able to concentrate … reducing their brain fog.

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Free trial sessions of Oxygen Therapy are now available at our Letchworth Centre. They are the best way of experiencing Oxygen Therapy, helping you decide whether Oxygen Therapy may be right for you. 

Trial sessions last for around an hour, giving you the complete Oxygen Therapy experience. Places are limited and must be booked in advance. (This also allows us to complete the paperwork before your session.)

Find out what Oxygen Therapy feels like! Phone us on 01462 684214 or email to book your place.