About Us

Our Vision

Our Mission is to offer the most effective, affordable and accessible therapies to every person affected by MS in Hertfordshire, Luton and South Bedfordshire.

Our objectives are:

  1. To offer the most effective therapies for every person affected by Multiple Sclerosis or any other neurological or long term condition.
  2. To make these therapies available in the most affordable way possible, through the support of many volunteers and through fundraising to offset some of the costs of what we provide.
  3. To deliver these therapies as accessibly as possible. In this context we mean, to offer these therapies in several towns so that all therapies can be accessed within easy driving distance.

An outside view of the Herts MS Therapy Centre
For 30 years we have delivered therapies from our Centre in Letchworth. This remains a vitally important part of what we do. However, we are delighted to announce that we can now arrange to visit any town in Hertfordshire or surrounding areas. We also offer treatments at your home through our domiciliary service. Interested? Please call Mark on 01462 684 214.

Our Support

We greatly appreciate the support that is given to us. There are many ways to get involved with helping our Centre:

Our History

Hertfordshire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre (HMSTC) came into existence because of one man’s experience of Oxygen Treatment: Tom Mills, who was then a Letchworth resident.

Oxygen Treatment for people affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) began in 1958 in the USA, when similarities between the “bends” (as suffered by deep sea divers who surface too quickly) and MS were first recognised. In 1979, 250 people with MS in the USA were treated with oxygen under pressure and 91% recorded an improvement in their symptoms, ranging from what was termed minimal to dramatic. In 1982 the first double-blind trial was conducted, again in the USA, and from an experimental group of 17 people with MS treated, 12 noted “objective improvement”, After one year of follow-up treatment, only 2 of the original 17 had deteriorated.

As a result of the American work, a UK trial funded by ARMS (Action for Research into Multiple Sclerosis) was begun in Dundee under Professor Phillip James. Again people with MS experienced improvement far beyond the expected placebo effect, notably in sensation, bladder control and fatigue. Having become convinced of the benefits of Oxygen Treatment, Tom Mills purchased a compression chamber, which was for his own use and that of a few fellow sufferers. It soon became apparent to him that there was a large demand for Oxygen Treatment in Hertfordshire and the Herts MS Therapy Centre was established, taking just 10 months to raise the funds to buy a bigger oxygen chamber and secure running costs for one year.

In August 1983 eight people with MS took the first Oxygen Treatment in our Centre, by which time there was a waiting list of 400 people. This was one of the first Centres like this in the UK. As other Centres opened, numbers became more manageable and it was possible to offer other therapies too, in particular Physiotherapy.

In 2007 we moved from our original premises at Such Close, having outgrown that building. Our new Centre has much more space to allow us to provide many more therapies.

Our Structure

We are a company limited by Guarantee (under Company Number 02215165) and Registered as a Charity with the Charity Commission under Charity Number 299524. That means we are not a subsidiary of any other organisation. We are a legal entity in our own right.

As a Company we have a legal constitution that we must follow (called our Memorandum and Articles of Association). Members of the charity elect a Board of Trustees/Directors each year. (They are directors under Company Law and Trustees under Charity Law). This is the most popular legal form for a Charity in the UK.

The Board meets regularly to set overall direction for the Centre. They agree the annual Business Plan and delegate implementation to the HMSTC team.

Our Board Members (in alphabetical order by surname) are:-
– Mark Boscher (Chair)
– Richard Greener (Treasurer)
– Rae Levene (Company Secretary)
– Trevor Tolliday