Venues we work at

We welcome people for Physiotherapy or Physio led exercise at our main centre in Letchworth.

View of the therapy centre through the car park

We offer assessments by Physios experienced in Neurological conditions. Those Physiotherapists will be able to recommend a series of treatments to improve quality of life. They can also refer people to the Exercise Professional, personal trainers with clinical education, who work for the Physiotherapist.

We very much encourage people to tell the Physiotherapist what their priorities are.  Please tell them what you most want help with.

We are happy to give you programmes you can work on at home between visits to us. That can help you improve faster.

We can come to your home!

We also do domiciliary work.  A Physiotherapist and/or an Exercise Professional can come to your home to do an assessment or provide a treatment.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

It’s easy. We accept referrals from medical professionals. However, most people just contact us direct.  You can too, at 01462 684 214 or  We’re here to help.