Visiting Critically Endangered Animals

Visiting Critically Endangered Animals

Taking a virtual, whistle-stop tour to exciting locations across the world helps us learn about different cultures, landscapes… and animals.

Local artist, keen environmentalist and HMSTC supporter Sally Taylor’s latest project helps to showcase wonderful creatures in exotic places with one thing in common. Sadly, all the animals featured are critically endangered.

“Drawing animals is my specialty. I wanted to capture different animals to the family pets that I usually paint for people. Creating this book was part of my master’s degree in illustration,” says Sally. “My research highlighted the plight of so many wonderful animals – often influenced by human behaviour. It’s so sad to think that animals such as the gorilla, rhinoceros, Yangtza porpoise – and many more – may soon be extinct.”

Created for children ages 7 – 11 years old, the book is a perfect learning resource for KS2 children who want to learn about animals that we need to save from extinction.

‘Critically Endangered Animals’ offers readers information and amazing illustrations of each animal, along with details of charities working to save them. In addition, the book takes advantage of augmented reality with three pages linked to stop motion animation, accessed via a downloadable app. This feature enhances the learning the book offers, adding a uniquely exciting and fun element.

Sally is working on a range of illustrated books on other animals which use technology to help teach about the natural world which she plans to release during 2021.

Would you like to know more? Find out about Sally’s book here.