Two year old girl recovering after brain damage from near drowning.

Take a look at this clip. It’s 14 minutes long and tells the story of Eden Rose Carlson.  In February 2016, aged two, she was resuscitated after drowning.  She survived against all the odds but suffered serious brain damage.  Five weeks later when she was discharged her parents were told that she would never walk, talk, not even roll over.  It seemed hopeless.  However they started Oxygen Therapy and she has made a remarkable recovery. This clip tells the story in a YouTube video.  This one tells the story in words.
We offer Oxygen Therapy at Herts MS Therapy Centre and it helps with many conditions, including where damage has happened in the brain. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it sure helps a lot of people.  Including Eden Rose Carlson.
If you are interested to find out if Oxygen Therapy can help you, contact Mark Boscher at or call us on 01462 684 214.