Supermum Mandy on the Road to Recovery

Supermum Mandy on the Road to Recovery

Mandy Waite is on top of the world at the moment. The Northampton-based 48-year-old mother of three and glamorous grandmother of one, has been living with breast cancer for eight years.  But since receiving oxygen therapy at Letchworth-based Herts MS Therapy Centre she’s on the road to recovery.

Things didn’t look too rosy back in March when Mandy caught Covid-19 and doctors discovered a lump in her neck caused by lymph nodes. “The cancer had returned at the worst time as I struggled to get an appointment at my local hospital, the Northampton General, because of the virus,” Mandy explained. “I was given some tablets but radiotherapy and chemotherapy were out of the question. They gave up on me and all they could offer was an end of life plan!”

But Mandy’s a fighter and demanded a second opinion and visited a Harley Street specialist who was more positive, assuring her the cancer was treatable. Mandy also visited Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital for advice and radiotherapy. It was a double dose of good news she was waiting for and shortly afterwards she began managing her own health and adopted a holistic approach to her illness.

“I took on a pretty strict regime that consisted of a sugar-free diet, a daily dose of 20 vitamins, Chinese herbs and lots of exercise.” Mandy’s good friend Tracey Bovingdon, who had breast cancer but is now been given the all-clear, encouraged her to visit Stuart Razey, a specialist in energetic medicine, based in Aspley Guise in Bedfordshire. Tracy has now started her own business called Re-set, that champions the holistic route to health.

Tracey also advised Mandy to try oxygen therapy too and accompanied her to her initial session at Letchworth in October. It was while Mandy was chatting with fellow customers that she was recommended to research the Say Yes to Life philosophy that looks at a wider, holistc approach to the way cancer is treated.

This holistic method is paying off. Back in May she had three tumours ranging in size from almost three centimetres to just over four and a half centimetres. By early November, two of them had shrunk by well over fifty percent and the third was too small to measure.

Now Mandy is looking forward to a family Christmas with children Thomas, Lottie and Lexi and 15 month-old granddaughter Beau, before jetting off to a German clinic in Hanover for some more treatment. “I’m feeling so well now and my life is back to normal. I’ve been having daily chemotherapy and I don’t feel any pain, “ she explained.

Oxygen sessions at Herts MS Therapy Centre are used as a complementary therapy that helps some people. It is safe to try and is natural. For more than 30 years the charity has helped thousands of people with MS, Parkinson’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, ME, fibromyalgia, sleep apnoea, leg ulcers and cancer.

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