Rugby Star Matt Dawson affected by Lyme Disease:

Rugby Star Matt Dawson affected by Lyme Disease:

This BBC article tells how Matt Dawson was affected by a tick bite that led to Lyme Disease.  It doesn’t mention Oxygen Therapy, but some people find Oxygen Therapy helps them in their fight against Lyme Disease.

When former England rugby player Matt Dawson was bitten by a tick in a London park early last year, it caused a bacterial infection to spread through his body.

“I had two days where I felt awful. Very feverish, on the sofa, crashed out,” he said.
Eventually he went to hospital where he was diagnosed with Lyme disease:

“It was a really scary time for me and my family. Such a tiny creature caused me to end up needing heart surgery.”

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection, passed on to humans by infected ticks.

While it is difficult to estimate the total number of UK cases, they are understood to have increased more than fourfold in the past 10 years.

The peak season is April to October, though they are active all year round.

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