‘Oxygen therapy could save my sight’

‘Oxygen therapy could save my sight’

An article in this week’s Comet newspaper tells how local resident Nicki Hannington has regained some of her eyesight after using the oxygen chamber at the Hertfordshire MS Therapy Centre.  Click the Title to see the full story and pictures.

by Rebecca Day   The Comet   May 7 2015

Multiple sclerosis sufferer Nicki champions pioneering oxygen chamber which has improved her vision –‘Oxygen therapy could save my sight’

 A Stevenage woman who has been using an oxygen chamber in Letchworth has spoken about how the facility has helped her regain her eyesight.  Nicki Hannington has suffered from multiple sclerosis for 12 years, and one of the first symptoms of the illness was losing a third of her eyesight.
Nicki Hannington lost a third of her eyesight after her MS diagnosis.
The 41-year-old said: “I didn’t know what was going on, I’d been having late nights studying and partying so I just put it down to that. ”About four years ago, Nicki read a leaflet about the oxygen chamber at the Hertfordshire MS Therapy Centre in Campus Five and decided to give it a go. The therapy involves breathing in high concentrations of oxygen which can help with wound recovery from radiotherapy damage as well as certain types of cancer, diabetes, infections and chronic fatigue.
She said: “It helps my sight enormously, as the black spots in my vision have reduced from about a third to a tiny circle. I’m hoping that if I continue, I can get my full sight back. “The oxygen therapy has helped in other ways as I use my wheelchair far less often, and I feel more energised.  “I still have bad days, but I bounce back quicker. ”
Nicki now volunteers at the centre herself, changing the levels of the chambers. She said: “With volunteering, I’m giving something back and helping people get the same treatment that helped me. ”The therapy centre is calling on volunteers in the area to taxi people who need oxygen therapy to the centre. The oxygen chamber is the only one in Herts, and the nearest chamber in Beds only caters for people with MS. There are currently six people in Luton who would like to try oxygen therapy, but do not have the means to get to Letchworth.
Mark + The Oxygen chamber
The charity’s chief executive Mark Boscher said: “Lots of peopl
e with cancer, MS, ME and other conditions would love to try oxygen therapy but simply can’t get to us. “If you are able to spare a little time each week as a volunteer driver to bring local people to Letchworth, we – and they – would be extremely grateful. We are able to reimburse fuel expenses. 
”If you would like to help people make use of the oxygen chamber, call Mark on 01462 684214.
The centre is also hosting a free open day between 10am and 1pm on Saturday, May 16, where support and advice will be available. Visit www.hmstc.bookphysionow.co.uk to find out more.


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