Local Oxygen Therapy Cures Leg Ulcers – Fast!

Local Oxygen Therapy Cures Leg Ulcers – Fast!

Leg ulcers can be extremely painful and take ages to heal – sometimes years. Many leg ulcers simply don’t improve.

After just five weeks of Oxygen Therapy treatment, Martin Forder’s leg ulcers and the excruciating pain that they caused had disappeared! And haven’t come back!

Martin’s leg ulcers appeared in October last year – quickly and for no particular reason. “The ulcers were on both my lower legs. They were enormously painful and sapped my energy,” he explains.

Through his hospital appointments, Martin was referred to a treatment programme. “I was told that recovery would be long term, taking six to seven years. I knew straight away that I had to find an alternative method. There simply had to be a quicker way.”

A friend who has MS suggested that Martin contact The Herts MS Therapy Centre. He discovered that Oxygen Therapy at the Letchworth Centre has helped people’s leg ulcers to improve, often healing them completely.

Oxygen Therapy involves breathing pure oxygen in a special chamber. It’s very safe and there are none of the side effects that prescription medicine can have.  The Herts MS Therapy Centre is home to the only Oxygen Chamber in Herts, welcoming anyone who is keen to fight pain and fatigue.

Martin moved from his home in Maldon, Essex to rented accommodation so that he would be near to the Letchworth Centre where he took regular Oxygen Treatments.

After just 20 sessions of Oxygen Therapy during five weeks, Martin’s leg ulcers had healed!

“It’s incredible!” says Martin. “To be pain-free so quickly is amazing. The leg ulcers affected my day-to-day life. Now I have my energy back and my legs are better, I hope to take up golf again!”

Roger Devereux runs Oxygen Therapy sessions at the Herts MS Therapy Centre in Letchworth. “It’s amazing to see how something as simple as breathing in pure oxygen can help so many people to feel less pain and have more energy,” says Roger, who is pictured with Martin in front of the Oxygen Chamber.

Mark Boscher is Chief Executive of the Herts MS Therapy Centre. “We are all delighted that Martin’s leg ulcers are healed – to achieve this in five weeks is amazing. If anyone else has stubborn leg ulcers, we ‘d love to try to help them.”

To find out more about Oxygen Therapy, contact Mark or Claire on 01462 684214 or email oxygen@hmstc.net.