Local Charity Helps People ‘Fight Fatigue and Pain’.

Local Charity Helps People ‘Fight Fatigue and Pain’.

Local Charity Helps People ‘Fight Fatigue and Pain’.

A local charity welcomed people along to its latest Open Day last weekend. It was the biggest and best event Open Day so far!

Around 106 people came along to the Herts MS Therapy Centre on Letchworth to find out about ‘Fighting Fatigue & Pain.’

Many people have extreme exhaustion and chronic pain. These can result from many conditions, including Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer.

APS Pain Reduction Therapy helps around 80% people. Free taster sessions were available on the day – and quickly became fully booked. Visitors could also try the Anti-Gravity Treadmill, (used by NASA to train astronauts).

23 people tried Oxygen Therapy on the day and all visitors were invited to attend a free taster session on another day too.

The Centre welcomes anyone with any long term condition and is the only place in the county that offers Oxygen Therapy. This treatment helps some people recover faster after chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. It’s also great for increasing energy, fighting stubborn infection and encouraging faster healing.

Councillor John Booth, Chair of North Herts District Council, gave a talk about his connection with the Herts MS Therapy Centre – one of his chosen charities this year. The Open Day was sponsored by Coloplast, who provide well-designed catheters and continence products.  Integrative cancer care charity, Yes To Life, British Polio Fellowship and MCS-Aware (for Multiple-Chemical-Sensitivities) also exhibited at the event.

Two people shared their personal journeys with chronic pain and extreme exhaustion. For Rachel, the help she receives at the Centre has enabled her to keep working and significantly reduce her medication.

“We were amazed and delighted to welcome so many people,” explained Mark Boscher, the Chief Executive of Herts MS Therapy Centre. Marks says “If you know people fighting extreme fatigue or pain, we’d love to try to help them. They are very welcome to contact us”

To find out about Oxygen Therapy or APS Pain Reduction Therapy call Mark or Claire on 01462 684214 or email oxygen@hmstc.net