Mark Boscher, CEO at Herts MS Therapy Centre was pleased to see this article (link shown below) in the Daily Mail of 4th of July 2016 about George Jelenik who created the excellent MS charity “Overcoming MS”, or OMS for short. Daily Mail ‘Overcoming MS’ article
Mark says George’s story is so encouraging because the steps he pioneered produced a dramatic improvement in the quality of his life after his diagnosis with MS.  The seven steps are so practical and often have a great impact for good for many other people too.  OMS generously give away many copies of the excellent book to explain their seven step programme, if you want to apply for a free copy take a look at their website Mark regularly recommends OMS (and the other MS charities) to people who are newly diagnosed or new to our Centre, because it is such a positive approach to living with MS – or should we say “Overcoming MS”.