Robert Baker had a brilliant idea! Lets raise some money for Herts MS Therapy Centre AND have some fun!  Now what to do? Swimming with sharks – too easy!  Cycling across the country – not challenging enough.  How about “we will risk life and limb to trek to Machu Picchu”  So that’s how it started.  Rob press ganged his partner Elaine to join in too and off they set to conquer Machu Picchi together. That took them to the depths of Peru, trekking across 50 km over 4 days at high altitude, despite altitude sickness. Already they have raised over £1,100 plus Gift Aid.  Rob says, we did this because we wanted to use this trip of a lifetime to try and do some good for a cause that is very close to our hearts. The Herts MS Therapy Centre provides fantastic support to those living with the condition. I’ve seen first hand how much this support has meant to my Mum and the others that use the centre over the year. Like so many charities, though, they do rely on people’s support to allow them to continue their outstanding work and it’s been our absolute pleasure to be able to help.   

And its not too late for you to add something to the pot. You can make a gift at https://www.justgiving.com/rob78-machupicchu