Fight Fatigue & Pain – Free Event

People who are experiencing exhaustion and chronic pain are invited to a free drop-in event on Saturday 8th October.
Between 12pm and 2pm anyone is welcome to find out more about Fighting Fatigue & Pain, a project run by Letchworth charity Herts MS Therapy Centre.
Extreme fatigue and chronic pain can result from many conditions, including Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME.
The Herts MS Therapy Centre in Letchworth helps anyone with long term conditions, not just Multiple Sclerosis. It offers Physiotherapy, Oxygen Therapy, APS Pain Reduction Therapy and Functional Rehabilitation exercise and fitness training to help people improve their quality of life. Free taster sessions are available on 8th October.
Oxygen Therapy helps some people recover faster after injury, surgery and cancer treatments. It’s also great for increasing energy. Some people find it reduces pain, especially people with Fibromyalgia. On 8th October you can see Oxygen Therapy in action – or try it for free!
Brian H said: “I did the six week APS Pain Reduction Programme and it worked for me.  I have had pain free mobility for the first time in nine months. I finished 3 weeks ago and so far I am still pain free, despite moving furniture last week!
Rachel B says: “Without my Oxygen Treatment in Letchworth I would still be in agony from Fibromyalgia and probably jobless and depressed.  I can’t even begin to explain what a difference it has made for me.”
Mark Boscher, the Chief Executive of Herts MS Therapy Centre added: “If you, or someone you know, has Fibromyalgia, CFS or ME, maybe we can help them to gain more energy and feel less pain. Please come on Saturday 8th October.”
The event runs from 12pm to 2pm and is sponsored by Coloplast. Free samples of their urology and incontinence products will be available.
To book your free test session, call Claire on 01462 684214 or email


Fighting Fatigue & Pain is the latest in a series of Open Days run by Herts MS Therapy Centre to help raise awareness of support available within the local community for various illnesses and conditions.

The Herts MS Therapy Centre is a registered charity helping people with long term, age related and neurological conditions throughout Herts and south Beds. The Letchworth Centre has a fully equipped gym, therapy rooms and oxygen therapy chamber. The specialist, fully qualified team tailors support to meet individuals’ needs, optimising their independence and quality of life. The Centre specialises in helping people affected by stroke or neurological conditions such as MS or Parkinson’s.  However, treatments including physiotherapy, APS Therapy and Oxygen Therapy are available to all.