Do you have chronic pain, extreme fatigue or brain fog?

Do you have chronic pain, extreme fatigue or brain fog?

Smiling faces at an exercise classThe Herts MS Therapy Centre is here for everyone.

We welcome people with any challenging health condition. We’ve been helping as many people as we can for over 30 years.

Extreme fatigue and chronic pain can result from many conditions, including Cancer, Stroke, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME – and many others.

If you, or someone you know, lives with long term pain or fatigue – from any condition – maybe we can help them to gain more energy and feel less pain.

How we help…

A range of services is available at our Centre in Letchworth. Our therapies include:

Physiotherapy – to optimise mobility and independence

Exercise Therapy – specialist support for maximum strength and stamina

Oxygen Therapy – to promote healing, increase energy and reduce pain

APS Pain Clinic – to reduce pain, improve sleep quality and boost energy

“I was struggling to cope with my fatigue and it was weighing me down mentally. The treatment was a ray of hope that resulted in new friends and a better quality of life.” Charlotte D

We also offer a domiciliary service. A Physiotherapist and/or an Exercise Professional can come to your home to do an assessment or provide a treatment. Please ask us about the areas we cover.

First Time Free!

You are welcome to try any of our services for free. Call Claire to find out more and book your session: 01462 684 214. Or email: