Breathing Pure Oxygen can Stop Migraines

Breathing Pure Oxygen can Stop Migraines

Mark Boscher, CEO at Hertfordshire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre, writes: I found this BBC article very interesting.  It say that “many employers do not understand the terrible effects of migraines and could do more to support staff with the condition”.

At Herts MS Therapy Centre we welcome people who want to try Oxygen Therapy to combat their migraines. It is not a magic bullet, it does not work for everyone, but it seems to help a lot of people with terrible migraines. Oxygen Therapy means breathing pure oxygen for 60 minutes a time under gentle pressure in an oxygen chamber (our chamber is big enough for 7 people at a time).

One very interesting fact about Oxygen Therapy and Migraines is, that people will often experience significant improvement in as few as five treatment sessions.  Check out this report (US based)

If you can get to us in Letchworth you are welcome to come for a free trial session to find out what it is like to do Oxygen Therapy. (This applies to any condition. Anyone interested can come for a free trial). Naturally one session does not fix anything, but you would certainly know what it is like and whether you would like to do a series of treatments.

To find out more, you can contact Mark or Claire at or call us on 01462 684 214.