Amazing Pain Relief After 32 Years!

Amazing Pain Relief After 32 Years!

Often, long-term conditions involve chronic pain which affects day-to-day life. After a skiing accident and a bad fall years later, Dave Mair from north Herts suffered from severe, chronic pain for 32 years. In 2015, he was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Through his research, he learnt that many people with this condition find Oxygen Therapy beneficial.

“I woke up every morning with aches and pains. It was like having an alien inside me! I saw the success of Oxygen Therapy all over the world. Trials showed that this therapy had helped many people with Fibromyalgia enormously… and I wanted to try it,” says Dave. “I couldn’t understand why this therapy is not really known of in the UK– especially as it’s so widely used in other countries.

Oxygen Therapy involves breathing in pure oxygen through a mask under pressure in a specially constructed chamber. It is very safe with almost no side effects, unlike much medication. It helps many people feel less pain, have more energy and heal quicker (especially after injury or surgery).

“I discovered that The Herts MS Therapy Centre in Letchworth offers Oxygen Therapy, starting with a free test session. I gave it a go.

“The results were amazing! People can take a few sessions to feel the benefits. For me, my arthritic knee pain dissipated at the very start. I walked in with a limp and left walking normally. I haven’t limped since. A few sessions later, I could feel my back and shoulder releasing whilst I was still in the oxygen chamber. Literally. The headache that I’d had for eight years disappeared. Wow!”

Dave is so impressed with how Oxygen Therapy changed his life that he now volunteers at The Herts MS Therapy Centre, supervising sessions. “I really enjoyed the training and have made some great friends through the Centre,” explains Dave. “We see miracles all the time. Some people, like me, have endured pain from their injury or condition for many years. Oxygen Therapy may still help. I attend sessions now and find it far cheaper than most other therapies.”

Would you or someone you know like less pain and more energy. Try Oxygen Therapy for free! Call The Herts MS Therapy Centre on 01462 684 214 for more details.