MS ezine

Hi there,

My name is Ian Cook. I am a journalist and ex-BBC producer  who has secondary progressive MS. I am a member of the Birmingham branch of the MS Society in the UK and have attended the Mercia Therapy centre in Coventry.
I have started  a free e-magazine for people with progressive MS  The first edition was April/May 2015. The e-magazine contains news (mainly about research for new treatments for progressive MS)  as well as my tips on how I  manage  my progressive MS , based on things I do to help myself. The e-magazine  is something I do by myself and for people like me. There is no commercial sponsor and no commercial agenda.
I appreciate that you know nothing about me so I thought it might be helpful if I gave you some biographical details about myself. I am 58 years old and was diagnosed with MS in 1993. My MS became progressive in 2008  and I now walk with a stick. I also self-catheterise. I am not on any DMDs but take baclofen for spasms and spasticity.

I worked at the BBC in London until 2002 as a producer in health and consumer programmes and since that time have worked from home as a freelance journalist, mainly for health magazines and websites. I have written for the Guardian newspaper and the BBC’s disability website called Ouch.

Download Issue1 here   April/May 2015

In the second issue are stories about

  • New trials for people with primary progressive and secondary progressive MS which are now taking place in the UK.
  • A myelin repair cancer drug to be tested in MS, an asthma drug which may slow MS progression,  a drug which might stop the blood brain barrier breach and a new drug which has surprisingly strong neuro-protective qualities.
  • Plus two features – one on biotin or vitamin B7 for progressive MS and one on what I think is a missed opportunity to give all progressive MSers ten year (rather than three year ) driving licences.

Download issue 2 here

Inside issue 3 is lots of news including more about biotin – the vitamin that has amazing possibilities for prog – MSers, as well as two clinical trials into new medications for prog
– MS that are due to report later this year.
There is also a feature looking at my experiences of five years using FES
(Functional Electrical Stimulation) which I think has kept me walking.

Download issue 3 here

Issue number 15    September/October 2017
In this issue are six pages of news plus a feature about issues that matter
to prog – MSers. In news there’s a story about research that asks whether a common stomach bug is linked to MS progression and a story about an experimental new diabetes drug that seems to have the potential to re – myelinate.
Page 6 looks at a recent seminar where top neurologists discussed treatment options at home and abroad for us progressives. The findings are surprising and well worth reading.

Download issue 15 here September / October 2017

If you have enjoyed reading this “ezine” please send to all other progressive MSers in your address book so we can raise our profile and lobby for a better life.

If you want to get regular copies of this “ezine” directly then email me at and they will be delivered directly to you.