This week’s challenges (21/10/2017)

This week has been a bit up and down. Tuesday evening was good, I met up with the 3 ex-Clarke sisters, Karen, Angela and Helen and my running buddy Zoe, who are all running the London Marathon for the Herts MS Therapy Centre. Unfortunately Vicky our 6th runner was unable to make it but hopefully she’ll be there at the next meet. We put our heads together and came up with ideas for raising money towards our running pledges. Lots of things came up, including, washing cars, quiz night and a Barn Dance. Now to just planning it all.
Then Wednesday, to up my game I added a Hiit session to my evening, followed by my usual Pilates class. Hiit!!!! I do wonder if it’s called that because it feels like you’ve literally been Hit!!! Adele our task master set up 6 points, each with 2 x 2 different short workouts, skipping, the plank, side planks, squats and dumbbells were among the torture we were put through. This was where I discovered I may be able to run 9 miles so far, but my upper body is as strong as a limp biscuit. So, Friday I borrowed 2 x 2kg dumbbells and have planned a weekend of shoulder presses, Russian twists, bicep curls and anything else that will help. 2kg may not seem much but try doing 10 – 15 lateral rises and tell me that doesn’t hurt.
Thursday, I was due to go to running club. Whether it was the aftershock of Hiit or I’d just caught this Freshers Flu that seem to be going around, I went home from work put my pj’s on and was in bed by 8.30. But this resulted in a good night sleep and waking up feeling a lot better.
So Sunday was the big day, last week’s plan to run 10 miles didn’t emerge, so this was the day. Running Buddy Zoe turned up at 9am, this had been changed from her original 8am idea. But the previous night out, listening to Ruby Wax telling me how to be Mindful, (has she ever ran 10 miles and tried being Mindful???) made me think 9am was a better option. So, Zoe and I do some stretches, set our Map my Run aps and head out of the door. Running towards Letchworth and passing the end of Zoe’s road, not sure how she felt about that, we had this 10-mile plan. Zoe not originally from Letchworth hasn’t got a clue where I am taking her, but puts her faith in me, thinking that I must know where I’m going. I’m a bit of a loop fanatic, I hate having to go back the way I came so I had a loop planned back to mine. At about 5 miles Zoe was wondering how this loop would work. ‘I love a loop, trust me’ I say, and we walk for a minute while we take our energy gels in hope that these will keep us going. We haven’t worked out if we can take this and run at the same time yet, that surely would be multi-tasking and I’m not sure I can do that. We carry on running again and at about 8 miles this is where I started to hit that wall, I know, what will I be like at the Marathon, this is only 8 miles. At this stage I start to master what I have started to call the Zoe face. Zoe who is an amazing inspiration has this face when she runs. This face triggers little old ladies that she runs past to say, ‘Keep going love, you can do it’ A face that looks like it’s in pain but however she has a mental attitude that nothing is impossible. So, I adopt this face. I am really starting to feel that my legs might not make it home. However, we keep running, well probably jogging, if that’s what this movement is called, but we aren’t crawling, we are determined, we are moving forward. Then with a little running around in circles near my house, just to make sure we reach 10 miles, we make it and that just feels amazing. Another milestone, 10 miles!!! Going back to day one when that 60 seconds was so hard, we have come so far. In 4 weeks we will be taking part in the NEW Herts Half, in Knebworth and I’m feeling positive that we can do this. So, on completing the 10 miles and after doing our stretches, Zoe heads home and I head upstairs ready to pour the Radox Muscle Soak into the bath. This is followed by an afternoon of rest.
Next week I will be visiting Well Run Sports in Hitchin and having a Gait Analysis, so I can buy the perfect running shoes. Tuesday night will be running club, Hiit & Pilates again Wednesday. A solo 3 miles run round the village on Thursday and then a long run again at the weekend. I’ll let you know how it all goes…
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