The Week so Far


Monday evening was a Core Strength session at the HMSTC gym. Vicky, who is running the Marathon for the HMSTC, is as we all found out a qualified fitness instructor and offered all of us Marathon runners a free core strength session for free. Where else to do this, than the HMSTC gym. So, on Monday evening most of us Marathoners turn up to do the session. Seemed a good idea at the time, and it was. Music on and Vicky getting us to move muscles I didn’t even know I had. We did an hour of planks, in many different positions, stretches and other core exercises. And we all left there smiling, must have been good.


Tuesday morning, I wake up and feel like I’ve been in a fight. The results of a good work out perhaps. It was a good pain and Zoe was coming down to the centre in the evening for a Tempo run on the treadmills. And it was a really, good tempo run. Running music switched right up, I was much faster than I was on Saturday. It felt good and I feel like I’m on a mission now.


Wednesday means only one thing, Hiit and Pilates. Still feeling like I’ve had a punch in the ribs, I’m not put off and we head off to Marvell Fitness & Pilates. And once again she puts us through our paces, I’m sure she gets pleasure from it. But it’s fun, trying to balance on a gym ball, I felt like I was drunk, very wobbly. Tricep squats, skipping, lateral something or other and so much more, it was painful but good. Then a 15-minute break before Pilates. Pilates, we were told was an easy one tonight!!! Not sure what Adele’s easy is but a good fun evening.


Thursday should be running club but I’m exhausted and my mind and body is saying have some time out. As you know, you should always listen to your mind and body and that’s exactly what I’m doing. Bath, book, (currently Russell Brands new book, highly recommended) and an early night. And to add to all the excitement, my race chip and bib number arrived for the Herts Half a week on Sunday.

Still to come

Tomorrow was my day off anyway, so now I have two days off. Saturday however I am due to go running with the Ex-Clarke sisters, just to see if I can keep up with them for the half. They don’t muck about, 7.30 start!!! I’ll let you know how that goes.