THE STORY SO FAR – 18/10/17

THE STORY SO FAR – 18/10/17

So I hadn’t been to the gym for months, I was just doing a weekly Pilates class and I hadn’t run anywhere apart from up the stairs for about 7 years, so I decided to join the North Herts Road Runners beginners group. They were doing the couch to 5k programme. I was a bit nervous turning up on my own on the first night but the NHRRs were all lovely and there was a brilliant turn out for the beginners group. They explained what we would be doing. We would begin with a brisk five-minute walk, to the local common, well I knew I could do that. And then we would run for 60 seconds followed by walking for 90, this would go on for a total of 20 minutes.

So this big new group of beginners start marching down the streets of Letchworth, briskly of course, as they kept reminding us, and I just kept thinking what am I doing here?

We were all nattering and then one of the other newbies recognised me. Zoe I’d met a year or two before, a bubbly lady full of life. So we started to do our 60 minutes of running and we start chatting. ‘I’m going to do the marathon next year’ says Zoe. I have to say I laughed, here was us longing for that 60 seconds of running to be over so we could walk for 90 seconds and Zoe’s telling me she’s going to run the marathon. This woman was serious though, in her head she was doing it and nothing was going to stop her. I was just hoping that I would be able to do the 5k the group had planned for us to do in 12 weeks time. As the weeks went on they started to extend the running and decrease the walking, very crafty. But it was manageable and Zoe the Marathon runner was still coming to group, she’d already planned a 5k before our club one and had a 10k booked in too. Even I spoke of maybe doing the marathon in 2019, I didn’t want to rush into anything, as Zoe would always says ‘slow and steady’. We were told we should run twice a week in between our group night, to build up to our 5k so Zoe and I started meeting up to run 1 of these in between runs and we’d talk about her focus to run the marathon. Then one day she asked me why don’t I run it next year? And once again I laughed, I was doing it the year after, that gave me loads of time to train, or maybe even pull out of the idea. But once she said it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Two years ago I walked on fire, which was okay, then the year after I did a tandem skydive. Now that was more like it, falling at 120 miles an hour strapped to a man I didn’t even know and who’s hands I had put my life in. Now that wasn’t disappointing. This year I had nothing planned, so what if I ran the marathon next year, was it really a silly idea? I had the 5k at the beginning of September, then I could then build up to a 10k, maybe a half marathon January time. I had my running partner too, full of focus and positivity. I could see a plan coming together.

So where am I now? I completed the 5k 12 weeks later in about 45 minutes and now I am running 3 times a week still and currently up to 9 miles. I have a half marathon booked for the 19th November and I am ‘in training’ when perhaps I really should be ‘in therapy’ but no I’m in training for the London Marathon 2018. So watch this space…..

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