Inspirational Fundraisers Visit

Today I went into the centre to meet two inspirational fundraisers. Maddie & Violet both 10, set themselves a challenge of covering 100 miles over the summer holidays – mostly cycling but also hiking, swimming, running and rafting. They did this to raise awareness as well as fundraising for the Herts MS Therapy Centre (where Violet’s granny Nora, attends) and Brain Tumour Research which is close to Maddie’s heart as her Auntie passed away in 1991 with a brain tumour.

Before they arrived, I decided to come in and try and increase my speed on the treadmill in the centre’s gym. I have to say I was disappointed as it took me 45 minutes to cover 5k which normally takes me 35 minutes outside. However, I am told by Sandra one of the PT’s at the centre that you are usually slower on a treadmill than you are outside, but treadmills do help you build up your speed.

Sandra turned up just as I was finishing on the treadmill as she was going to be explaining some of the equipment in the gym to the girls. Always good to get an expert in. We had some time to kill still so she set me a program on one of the static bikes, while she went on the cross trainer. My legs felt like jelly at the hardest parts of the program, but no pain no gain. She then showed me some exercises with weights on the gym ball. I have to say thanks to Sandra, my body had a good all over workout and I’m kind of feeling it now, some hours later.

After the workout Violet & Maddie turned up with their Mums and Violets Granny Nora.They had a good look round and tried out some of the interactive equipment we have in the gym. They are so passionate about what they have done and together have raised over £2000.00. They are both so inspirational and it makes me want to train harder and up my fundraising.

I think as well as my current running plan, Hiit and Pilates classes, I will also be spending a bit more time in the gym.

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me so far and to those who haven’t please visit my fundraising page at:


Thank you.