Happy Running (24/10/17)

Today it was time to get some proper running shoes. Well, my current running shoes have been around for at least 6 years. I went to Well Run Sports in the Churchyard Hitchin. Orville the owner was excellent and offered me a free Gait Analysis as I was purchasing from the shop. He has been running for over 20 years, including many marathons, so is very knowledgeable.

The Gait analysis involved me running on a treadmill while a specialist video recorder was set up behind the treadmill and filmed my feet. This was then relayed to a laptop where Orville and I watched it back in slow motion and freeze frames. He was then able to carefully assess my running style.

Here’s the technical bit. Apparently running shoes are designed specifically for different pronation patterns. Pronation is the foots natural shock absorber. When our foot lands on a surface when walking or running there is a normal rolling in motion to level the foot flat to the surface, this is called pronation. Excessive rolling in motion we call over pronation, and little or no rolling in motion we call under pronation or supination anything in between we then say the person has neutral pronation.

It turns out I have a neutral pronation.

I was then offered many different pairs of neutral running shoes to try on the treadmill to see how they felt when I ran. I ended up choosing a pair of Brookers Ghost 10, which are a neutral, cushioned running shoe and were so comfortable. Along with a pair of running socks (I didn’t even know they existed) I was ready to go.

A big thanks to Orville today and you can check out the shop online at:

Tonight, is Running Club and I will be wearing my new socks and shoes and have to say I’m excited to try them out.