Half Marathon – 13.1 miles (29th October 2017)

Today Zoe and I decided to try out a half marathon in preperation for Herts Half on 19th November. And where better to run than the Letchworth Greenway.

We met up at Radwell Meadow at 9am. Cars parked, stretches done, gels and isotonic drinks with us, we head off in the direction of the Grange Recreation field.

We’ve been told by Herts Half organisers, that anyone falling under the 3 hour pace, will be picked up by their support vehicle. This is because the roads will have to be reopened and they feel it’s not safe. This wasn’t explained when booking but hey we like a challenge.

The Greenway was beautiful and the weather was great for running. About a third of the way in, we were over taken with a wave and a good morning by the President and Race Director of our running club, Richard Harbourn. We had to laugh, one day maybe we will run faster.

But we kept running, took our gels when needed and reached 11 miles before we started to feel the effects of the run. So the last 2 miles were a mix of walking and jogging and a technique I have come up with, which is a bit inbetween the two, now known as doing a Cathy.

We completed the Greenway (13.39 miles) in 3hrs 25mins, which means if we carry on training we could be at the 3 hour or quicker mark by the 19th November.

Feeling determined.