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Welcome to the Hertfordshire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre (HMSTC).

We provide therapies for people affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and other Neurological and long term conditions. The most important therapy we provide, by number delivered, is Physiotherapy. Then Oxygen Treatment. plus a range of complementary Therapies. Together we delivered 8726 treatments in 2014 a steady increase from the 8,200 therapies delivered. In 2011.

The primary purpose of the Herts MS Therapy Centre is to provide help and support to people with MS and others affected by MS, such as the people who care for and support them. We do that by providing therapies that are as effective as possible. We want them to be as affordable as possible too. Presently, most things we do happen in our MS Therapy Centre in Letchworth, Herts. As there are so few Centres like this, focused specifically on the needs of people with Neurological conditions, we have people coming from far and near.  Since 2012 we have extended our services to a number of other centres within our are.  Currently we work at  Cheshunt; Hemel Hempstead and at Luton – Chaul End.  We want them to be as accessible as possible, including in a town near to you within the next two or three years.

You are very welcome to come and visit, to see what we do and find out if we could help you. To visit please phone Mark on 01462 684 214 or email us on

I think that the first thing you will notice when you visit the Herts MS Therapy Centre is the relaxed, friendly nature of the place. You will get a warm welcome here. Many people you meet at the Centre have direct experience of MS and the challenges it brings. It can be really helpful to talk to people who have real insight into what you are experiencing and how it makes you feel.

We work closely with anyone else who is helping people with MS. Especially our friends in the MS Society and the MS Trust. We each do different things; HMSTC specialises in offering therapies. When the Herts MS Therapy Centre was first formed in 1983, we began by offering two main therapies to our members: Physiotherapy and Oxygen Treatment. Since those days, we have added a number of complementary therapies including chiropody, chiropractic, reflexology, yoga and massage. The full list is available if you select the “Therapies” tab on the Main menu and follow the links on the drop-down menu

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