The Trustee board

Legal Background

We are a company limited by Guarantee (under Company Number 02215165) and Registered as a Charity with the Charity Commission under Charity Number 299524. That means we are not a subsidiary of any other organisation. We are a legal entity in our own right.

As a Company we have a legal constitution that we must follow (called our Memorandum and Articles of Association). Members of the charity elect a Board of Trustees/Directors each year. (They are directors under Company Law and Trustees under Charity Law). This is the most popular legal form for a Charity in the UK.

The Board meets regularly to set overall direction for the Centre. They agree the annual Business Plan and delegate implementation to the Chief Executive and task the CEO, Mark Boscher, to deliver the objectives of the Business Plan. The CEO is accountable to the Board for all that he and his staff do.

Our Board Members (in alphabetical order by surname) are:-
Sheena Atkinson
Nigel Baker (Chair)
Charles Cusumano
Paul Dowsett
Richard Greener
Justin Seers (Treasurer)
Trevor Tolliday
Our Company Secretary is Rae Levene