HMSTC is the Physio and Oxygen Charity. We specialise in Physiotherapy, Oxygen Treatment and other therapies for people with neurological conditions. We run dedicated clinics including on Saturdays for people who have had a stroke.
Do you suffer from any of these challenges?
• Pain
• Limited range of motion
• Problems walking
• Lack of strength and endurance
• Lack of sensation in the limbs
• Paralysis
Often these can be improved with expert physiotherapy and exercise, and our clinic is led by an experienced Physiotherapist. All our physios are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.
One-to-one personal training for stroke rehabilitation is also highly effective. Our Personal Trainers are registered with the relevant professional bodies and have received specialist training on neurological conditions so can design exercise programmes to help you get the maximum possible benefit.  We make extensive use of the ARNI method of focused exercise to speed up recovery from stroke. Look at for more information about how ARNI has excellent results, even for people who had their stroke years ago. Often people can recover faster and further. 
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