Sky Dive revisited

As reported in an earlier post, the weather on Saturday 18th June was so bad that all hope of making the jumps had to be abandoned around 15:00.  Bolstered by having visited the airfield and meeting the Team, our stalwarts re-arranged the event for Friday 24 June and challenged the weather gods!
Happy to report that on the day the weather stayed fine allowing all of the gang to complete their jumps.  From the photos below you can see the enjoyment they all experienced – well done all of you.

Meire Skydiving June 2016

Meire Skydiving June 2016

Talking to a few of them, they all describe the experience as fantastic and would love to do it all again –  maybe a challenge for 2017?

A couple of quotes:
Absolutely loved it, i want to go again!  Weather held out for us, we hit rain on way home so was pleased we got it in before then. I would recommended it to anyone that has ever thought about doing it, it really is an achievement to remember. Very proud of the whole gang if there were any nerves they didn’t show it just great determination. Was an amazing day spend with them all.

Firstly I would like to say what a fantastic team spirit there was amongst us all, and for the support of all our family and friends in helping raise funds towards such a great cause in the MS therapy centre.
I would also like to thank the parachute centre for their professionalism and care in making it such an enjoyable and fun event to the point I’d even do it again.!
Then given the fact my name is Wendy, it goes without saying that I read the book Peter Pan and Wendy as a child and often wondered what it would be like to fly with ‘Peter’…

Well now I know – it’s just heart stopping AMAZING. !!!!!!

No limits for Skydiving!! Skydive 10.000 ft it was an amazing experience, one I will never forget. It made me more energized and confident in what I want to get my targets and limits.  I like to be involved with people and making them happy.  Also I have one sister that has MS, she lives in Brazil and when I decided to jump from Aircraft I did it for her too. Its my pleasure to be involved with clients, colleagues and friends at HMSTC.  Next year the challenge will be 18.000 ft Skydive for raising funds for HMSTC. My messge is: “Sometimes all you need is 20 second of Insane courage”!

Mark Boscher, Chief Executive of Herts MS Therapy Centre, is proud of everyone who has signed up to complete the sky-high challenge. He adds: “The team are very aware that every pound raised will be used to help a local person fighting a long term condition such as MS, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME or Stroke. I am impressed by the dedication of those who are completing the skydive and grateful for the support of their sponsors.”

Remember, this was all done to support the centre, so please help Herts MS Therapy Centre by going to donate at