FES Technology Seminar feedback

The second in the “HMSTC Leading Edge Seminars” was held 14th August at the Centre in Letchworth. It was very good to see an amazing 74 people attending either the afternoon or evening sessions. Most were individuals interested to see if FES could help them. A number were Physiotherapists and other professionals from the NHS, keen to find out more about FES.

FES is the technology that helps some people with neurological conditions, to improve use of arms and hands or to improves muscle function in the legs which can improve walking.

Jon Graham, one of the nations leading Physiotherapist experts on FES, lead a highly informative presentation on how FES can help, with video of people who had benefited from using this technology. Then it was hands on and practical for live demonstrations, with people who were attending the session but had no previous experience of FES technology. Several people had the opportunity to test the equipment which generated a lot of interest.  “It was exciting to see how the equipment can help me with my walking,” said one visitor. “It would give me so much independence – truly life changing”.

Andrew Marr, the well know BBC presenter, who is recovering from Stroke uses FES equipment provided by Jon Graham.

If people want to have a person consultation with Jon, or to ask about it in general, they are welcome to contact Mark Boscher on 01462 684214