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Help for MS patients

A patient led forum is ideally placed to offer helpful advice to MS patients. I have found it to be invaluable, with support from other members readily available thanks to the forum. Wider mentions of the work we do are genuinely appreciated and will help more people with MS find our community and benefit from it.

Disability aids

Need your existing mobility aid modified or adapted to your needs?
Need something made just for you​?  Something out of the ordinary?  Not in the shops?  You could contact:  Remap and/or Demand
Remap are at
Demand are at

Printing & Print design

Our favourite designer & printer is Ken Busbridge at Dragonfly Digital Print & Design:  He does design and production of all our leaflets, brochures, annual reports etc.  We love the brilliant quality and the prices are great too.

Lifeline Alarms:

A community alarm service is not just for older people. Hertfordshire Careline’s services can make a big difference to the independence and wellbeing of people of all ages and circumstances across Hertfordshire. We support a wide range of residents from the elderly and those with disabilities and restricted mobility, to younger people with long term health needs, vulnerable adults and those affected by domestic violence or repeat burglary.

For details contact Hertfordshire Careline, the community alarm service:
Tel.  0300 999 2999

Unglue you
Facilitating workshops. UnglueYou uses the visualisation and creativity of collage to help clients open up their thinking, to explore and express thoughts, feelings, ideas and goals. No previous experience or artistic skills are needed and clients are made to feel confident to express themselves creatively without reservation or fear of judgement.
Contact  Andréa on   T:  07540 780039

MS National Therapy Centres
Our federation’s website has lots of useful information, including details of all other MS Therapy Centres.

MS Society
Britain’s largest and oldest MS charity. Tons of useful information, links to local branches.

MS Trust
A massive amount of information about MS, with an extensive library.

Formerly known as Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre, the charity changed name in January 2013. Lots of information on this site including Forums and Blogs.

Are you a Carer in Herts? Check out the website to book breaks for Carers.

Lifegeta – Highly Motivational Workshops
Sue Ross is a good friend of the Herts MS Therapy Centre and runs highly motivational workshops, suitable for any person affected by a sudden or acquired disability. She is a great communicator and has personal experience of living with a sudden disability caused by a massive stroke. Sue is inspirational.

NHS Carers Direct

Hertfordshire Action on Disability (HAD)
Transport for disabled people, disability aids and driving instruction.

Disabled Access Holidays

Walks With Wheelchairs

Life with Multiple Sclerosis by Julie Stachowiak, Ph.D. in the Guide

For ways to make a donation to support HMSTC


Money Advice Unit
Excellent advice for anyone claiming benefits. Tel: 01438 737555

Offices in Letchworth; Hitchin and Royston for quality advice on a wide range of topics